What is the value of ‘Out of Office’ messages?

If you want to guess which company is boring and/or likely to die soon, check the Out of Office (OoO) messages by the people in that office. Unlike others, the companies of the future effectively use the OoO messages.

For those who are still struggling to keep pace, here is a list of how can business results be achieved by effectively using OoO messages:

1. Achieve marketing objectives using OoO messages – Instead of just telling your clients that you will be responding to their email after you are back, excite them about your latest thinking/marketing material. Your clients are more likely to read your OoO messages than the spams sent by your marketing team. Check the illustration below:

“While I am on vacation till blah blah date, I thought I should introduce you to our super awesome new product. You can read more about it at <weblink>. And for this email, I will respond soon after I am back on blah blah date”

2. Achieve your employee recognition objectives using OoO messages – Take this as an opportunity to recognize your top performers. Include names of your top performers in your OoO. There is no better motivation than a boss giving a big pat on the back publicly.

“Nicole is a superwoman and can be contacted to help you while I am away. She has proven expertise in client management and has been our top performer for the last 3 years. She may not have all the answers on-hand, but she is the best person to find them while I am away till blah blah date”

3. Achieve your client expectation management objectives using OoO messages – Delay in responding to emails post vacation is normal and no one should be penalized for that. Tell your clients that even if you will be back by a certain date, you may take a while to clear your backlog and respond to them.

“<your name> will be back in the office on blah blah date, but he will be swamped with backlog when he is back. Try to forgive him, he is just a human and thus weak. This message is sent by a robot, who is neither weak nor fallible. Robots are tireless and one day will rule this planet, but right now serving <your name>”


Last but not the least, you can also add your special talent – poetry, jokes and pun to make it more exciting. Your OoO can help your clients and colleagues smile and respect your personal time and of course your creativity. Remember sky is the limit for your OoO, and every bland OoO is an opportunity lost.