Your dog is indispensable, but you are not!

We all have heard a few times in our offices and management discussions, “No one is indispensable”. We all are made to believe this. I believed that too for a long time, until I saw someone cry for losing his dog. Why can’t he replace his dog with a new dog? There are so many dogs available out there. Can’t we use the same management theory here?

I explored further, and I learnt a very important lesson of modern business – “Everyone is indispensable“. I also realized that we all need to rewrite/relearn some of the management principles to be successful:

  • ‘Fluid’ is the word in 21st century organizational structure: The concept of organization structures was made popular by military and factory operations. However, it is not the same anymore. In the modern people-driven businesses, every 2 individuals are different. You can (almost) never replace a top management person with another who has same thought processes, ideas and management style. So it is time to tell your top management, they are indispensable and customize the structure based on the people, not the other way round.
  • Knowledge is your key differentiation: A lot of information about your clients, relationships, and understanding of your culture resides with your middle management. None of your IT databases can replace the human touch of your middle management. If you lose your middle management, you will lose your past and will have difficulties building your future. So tell your middle management, they are indispensable.
  • Disruption (intrapreneurship) is the new order: Your organization has a strong bunch of young intrapreneurs, who might be just out of college but they can possibly kick the ass of your competitors when given a chance. Treat them with love and respect. Tell these younger ones that they are indispensable before they join your competitors to kick your ass.


It doesn’t matter who you are in the organization, it is important that you tell others that they are indispensable. If not, very soon you will lose your loving dog and you may end up training new dogs for the rest of your lives.


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