Animals don’t have personality types, they have ringmasters!

‘Jurrasic World’ made more than a billion dollars. A lot of us “wasted” our money on the movie. I call it wasted because the key management fundamental that is used in the movie is rarely found in corporate world – Your ringmaster will try to understand your personality.

Let me elaborate.

A lot of companies are using a plethora of personality assessment tests while hiring candidates (Fortune 500 companies and banks are front-runners in this). It has become the so-called “best practice”. But are they doing it right?

  • Do these companies actually use personality assessment results for day-to-day work planning?
  • Do the leaders anticipate and value different reactions, responses and comments from employees with different personalities?
  • Why employees in most companies are forced to align with the leaders’ personality type? When employees fail to align, they are often rated as “poor performers”.

In Jurrasic Park, Chris Pratt (as Owen in the movie), did spend the time to understand the personality types of dinosaurs and reacted to situations to suit them. That’s what a good ringmaster does. What about you and your leaders?


Thanks to “Jurassic World” movie, people may have started thinking that animals also possibly have personality types. But I think we need another movie to make some of the leaders understand that humans have the personality types too! Hope Colin Trevorrow (Director of Jurassic World) is listening.


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