New breed of lion is about to attack organizations

I have never been to a real circus, but I can imagine it is not very different from the corporate world and management frameworks. Any mistake can lead to death.

In the last few months, all people management professionals are dancing around the fresh breed of lion called performance management. The top management of every company is looking at management consultants to get some advice on how to tame this new lion. Some Fortune 500 companies have successfully revamped the entire performance management system. However, silently they are wondering if they are doing it right? Or will they get what trainer Faten El-Helw got from her trained lion (for those who don’t know, Ms. El-Helw lost her life to a lion she trained for years)?

I don’t claim that I master lion taming, but I do know that most of us are not using performance management the right way. So here are some insights to spark your thinking:

  • When your performance is bad, your management should share the blame: All management theories claim that 70% of the performance of an individual is driven by the organization factors and the individual can impact only 30%. Therefore, the management should take the onus of your poor performance. They should also be penalized because they didn’t help you do well in your job.
  • When your performance is good, your family should share the celebration: Your family has to make sacrifices every day too. Your kids and your spouse may not have told you, but they miss you every evening. Did your company decide to give you time off to help you spend quality time with your family? Did the company write a note to your family thanking them for their contribution to the company? Or did they pay you some peanuts (called “bonus”) to forget about your family and keep ignoring them every day?
  • When your performance is average, you are likely to be at fault: You are probably suffering from a disease called “being content with job”. Are you sure that a new technology will not wipe off your job soon. Start innovating before your boss invites you to her office for an “important private session” to thank you for your last contribution in her office.

Keep your eyes wide open to avoid being attacked by the lion. Most of the lion tamers died because they lost attention for a split second. Will your company make this mistake too?


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